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Silk Screen

Silk Screen is geared towards designs that require exact reproduction of logos and type that are too small or detailed to be color-filled through standard production methods. This process can be applied to Photo-Etch, Cloisonné, and Imitation Cloisonné with no limit on the number of screens. Silk screening also offers a wide variety of colors, allowing exact color matching.

Silk screening lends itself best to high-volume, low-cost projects. A thin layer of high-quality enamel ink is applied directly to the base metal through a mesh screen containing the logo, thus eliminating the need to etch or stamp the design. Silk screening is also the ideal production method for hot-stamping or pad-stamping items requiring precise lettering or intricate art, and can also be added to Cloisonné or Photo Etch.

Determine the production process on which you prefer to screen: Cloisonné, Imitation Cloisonné, or Photo-Etch, and then add ten cents per color.

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